The Strategy of an Exit Interview

Exit interviews can be beneficial for both the company and the employee, providing they are doing with the right strategy in mind.  When employers have exit interviews, they need to make sure they are consistent, [...]

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Sick Time Law and Small Business

For anyone interested in reading about the negative impact on SMALL BUSINESS in Michigan regarding the Sick Time Law that was just 'gutted', check out this link: The negative impact of the law as [...]

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Preparing for the Best

Recently a new client said he was disappointed that we coached a candidate prior to their interview.  Since I have very strong feelings about recruiters coaching (and have a strong referral network for both candidate [...]

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For Cause or Not For Cause, that is the question.

Normally when I read an article about an employee being fired for ‘doing the right thing’ (trying to stop a shoplifter, leaving the store to catch a dog before it runs into the road, etc.) [...]

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Ask the Question!

Constructive feedback after an interview is always a good thing. Most companies won’t provide it, however, for a number of reasons: too busy, can’t put their finger on it, didn’t like the personality, didn’t have [...]

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An Unintentional Motivator

When I was young, I had two classmates who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. Not fireman or astronauts, but would you believe car racing and comic books? Bill Riley used [...]

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