Entrepreneurial Business

Working in startup recruiting, we help find individuals that thrive in a fast paced environment where things my be done in a less traditional fashion. An entrepreneurial business is unique in its own right.  Employees are often overhead until they can become productive.  Candidates who understand this and can learn quickly from their new leader (who may be ‘doing things different’), will have a higher chance of succeeding in their new roles. We’ve worked with several entrepreneurial businesses to help identify the right candidates, and integrate them into your business.

Direct Hire.  Entrepreneurs don’t have time to worry about startup recruiting while you’re growing your business. Interviewing and onboarding, yes, but not always recruiting. We’ll take the recruiting piece off your plate while you focus on your business. Our process will help sort out those who want to work to help grow something and not simply be out for the next hottest name in business.

Candidate Sourcing. Your schedule is busy enough without having to source candidates too.  If you want a broader picture of the potential candidate base, you can interview candidates that we’ve sourced for you.  You’ll still control the process, but it will be from a limited, prequalified selection that simplifies your role in startup recruiting.

Second Stage Interviewing. Some candidates are wowed by the business owner and their energy, company philosophy, but aren’t a good fit for long term growth.  Third party review can help determine when the fit is right on both sides. Bandwagon recruiting doesn’t always translate to successful hires, and our team can help provide an objective perspective.

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