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As an executive style search firm, our goal is to deliver the highest quality vetted candidates to your organization.

You are ‘corporate’, decisions are made here.  Your leadership staff is hired because of their talents and impact in your market.  So are your employees.  There isn’t a ‘next generation’ to take over.  Having employees who work side by side with you to ensure success with your bottom line is important.

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Employees who take ownership in their work, work like they have a stake in the bottom line and the overall growth of the company will do well here.  You want them committed to you, and they want to know you’re committed to them. Knowing their projected longevity and/or career path ideals can be important in their long-term commitment. We recruit to fill key positions that are strategic to your growth, or confidential in nature.

Whether you have an HR department or recruiter onsite, this process can yield prequalified candidates in a shorter period, without disrupting the daily workflow.  You continue your internal policies for screening and onboarding, but receive assistance by starting with prequalified candidates we have sourced for you.

The job seeker’s goal is to get the job; the company’s goal is to hire a qualified candidate.  Let us help determine their core competencies and overall interest in your position.  Bad hires can be expensive in terms of money, customer perception and impact on morale.  A third-party evaluation of candidates can provide you with additional, unbiased information when making a hiring decision. We’ll help you avoid the costly mistake of a poor decision, or confirm that you’re on the right track regarding who is on your short-list.

RFT Search Group is the search firm that will deliver an Executive style search firm experience for non-executive level positions. Call us today to learn more at (248) 957-6598.

“I worked with RFT for several years.  They found me the management team I had always wanted and allowed me to step away from the day to day.  That management team provided me the opportunity to sell my business.”   George – retired

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