Private Equity Backed

Private Equity firms know the value of consolidated spending. They also know the value of having the right people in the right spots to continue the growth and progression in their individual organizations. 

Not all companies PE firms invest in have those right people in the right spots.  Making necessary changes can be tricky, but must be done strategically.  Understanding the growth trajectory, the current gaps and defining the solutions can both tighten up the bottom line and bring stronger internal structure.

People working collaboratively at a Private Equity backed business.

Direct Hire.  Some key roles require an intensive, confidential search.  We know the market, we understand your goals and the gap areas.  Our process will help you find that next level who can help get your company on the right track.

Candidate Sourcing.  Time is precious.    Your schedule is busy and if you don’t have dedicated recruiters locally, you may be missing out on good talent that is immediately available.  Having prequalified candidates at the ready to interview helps expedite the process and increases confidence on your teams. 

Second Stage Interviewing.  Not all candidates are a good fit for your company, just because they interviewed well.  Third party interviewing can help sort out the ones who are truly aligned with your vision and reduce turnover and additional recruiting costs.

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