Pre-Employment Interview / Second Stage Interview

During the interviewing process, it’s easy to lose your objective view of the candidates. Our Pre-Employment Interview process is a proven blend of qualitative and quantitative measures to help you gain a deeper understanding of which candidate(s) may or may not be the best fit based on a variety of factors.

Take advantage of our behavioral interview and internal assessment with candidates you have already interviewed in person. We begin this process by learning about your business and having an open and honest conversation about your wants, needs, projected growth, potential problematic areas, management style, expectations, pitfalls, and more.

You select which candidates you are potentially serious about, and we will evaluate them based on criteria we have discussed. We bring years of experience to help get through the basics and truly understand whether or not this candidate is truly the right person for the seat you need filled in your company.

Stay Interviews

Catch a problem before it becomes insurmountable.  Discover if employees are in the right place in your company. After a proper introduction, we will sit with each employee in a specific department, member of a workflow pattern or the entire organization.

Our goal is to help you evaluate process and workflow, management effectiveness and discover developmental opportunities.  We work toward identifying potential problems and assist you in eliminating those.  Your team can become stronger and operate toward the common goal.

Exit Interviews

As an impartial third party, we perform exit interviews with outgoing employees.  Our process is non-inflammatory and based in information discovery.  Employees often feel more comfortable speaking with neutral individuals than peers in an organization they are leaving.

If you are concerned about something going on in your company that is driving away your good employees, let us help figure that out.  We can perform these on or off site, structured and direct, or information gathering in nature.  Information will not be provided on specifics of new position (pay or competitor info) as to respect the privacy of the employee.

Interested in help earlier in the recruiting process? Our Direct Hire Program and Candidate Sourcing Solution allows us to provide support as early in the process as you require.

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