When To Call

When should you call RFT Search Group?

  • You have someone retiring soon and want to plan their replacement.
    • We will have a conversation with you at no cost and help plan a direction to go to replace the person.  While we hope you will ultimately hire us to find the replacement there is no requirement to do so.
  • You have been recruiting on a position and just aren’t finding what you’re looking for.
    • Sometimes, it’s just hard to find that employee you are looking for.  We can take that position and the pressure of finding someone off of your recruiter freeing them up to work on the other positions in your organization.  We are always willing to supplement your recruiters.
  • You need to replace someone higher up on the org chart than the person who typically does the recruiting.
    • We would never want someone to hire their boss.  If you have a higher level employee leaving we can come in and recruit for that position while not disrupting your normal recruiting processes for your other positions.
  • You don’t have a lot of employee turn over but someone is leaving and you aren’t sure the best way to find a replacement.
    • Not all businesses have a need to hire every year or even every five years and when that unfortunate need arises, they are sometimes left not knowing the best methods to find an employee today.  We do this all day everyday and will be happy to help!
  • You need to replace an employee without them knowing about it.
    • We can conduct an employee search on your behalf.  Our name is used on the job postings and we conduct initial interviews with the candidates reducing the likelihood of your employee finding out before a replacement is found.
  • You don’t have anyone dedicated to recruiting and it’s just taking too long.
    • Maybe you need a dedicated recruiter in your business, we can help you find that person and take the responsibility off those who are doing it, but it isn’t their main job function.  Or maybe you just have a few positions a year and need help every once in a while, we enjoy working with companies like that.
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