Understanding the dynamic and culture in a family owned business is critical in hiring for your organization.  When your family is involved in the business, whether it be spouse, sibling or next generation, it is imperative to understand that family dynamic and how it impacts your business. We work directly with the owner(s), and learn what is important to you, where your ‘talent gaps’ are and bring assistance in hiring for growth without disrupting the family dynamic.

Direct Hire. Hiring candidates who understand the family owned culture, motivations and the importance of knowing the company history is often critical for the success of the hire.  There is a huge difference between family owned and operated organizations and ‘big box’ companies, and recognizing this early can prevent potentially damaging hires.

Contingent Recruiting.  Specifically designed for the business owner who doesn’t have time to devote to full on recruiting but still wants to control the interviewing process.  We’ll use our network and resources to tap in to a candidate base who initially fits the position, culture and company, and you conduct your interviews as you normally would.  Saves you time without diminishing the quality of hire.

Second Stage Interviewing.  We can help you share the burden of evaluating candidates that you have already met with to bring an unbiased third party evaluation.  We’re not as close to the situation or relationship as you are, so our findings are based on your position, your company and the candidate, without the potential emotional attachment.