Take advantage of our behavioral interview and internal assessment with candidates you have already interviewed in person with our Second Stage Interview option. We begin this process by learning about your business and having an open and honest conversation about your wants, needs, projected growth, potential problematic areas, management style, expectations, pet peeves, and more.

You select which candidates you are potentially serious about, have them contact us, and we will evaluate them based on criteria we have discussed.

This allows you to control your internal recruiting efforts yet have an independent third party evaluation.  After you’ve selected your candidate or candidates, your company follows its internal procedures regarding background checks, drug screens, reference checks, etc.  Because we are not the employer of record, you follow your own internal hiring process for consistency in procedures.

This option can also be utilized to capture data from exit interviews for employees who are leaving your company.  We can perform these on or off site, structured and direct or information gathering in nature.

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