Direct Hire

Our Executive Style Recruiting Direct Hire Process is the most comprehensive and thorough of our recruiting options. Participate in the Executive Recruiter experience for your non-Executive level positions.  Most businesses struggle with finding the right candidates to fill open positions.  They either spend a significant amount of time wasted with nothing to show for it – or worse, a new hire that isn’t the right fit. When you take into account culture, personalities, skillsets, etc., matching the right employee with the right employer takes a great deal of experience and finesse.

We begin this process learning about your business and having an open and honest conversation about your wants, needs, projected growth, potential problematic areas, management style, expectations, pet peeves, and more.  From here we work together to decide if our businesses are good for each other and can successfully complete the mission at hand.

As a result, we create a Specialized Recruiting Campaign for your position designed to attract the right type of person for your position, based on individual talents and/or skill set, mission, vision and future growth potential.  Our screening process includes a phone interview, face to face interview, assessment and repeated follow up and/or through with candidates. Our goal at this stage is to ensure we have the highest quality candidate pool to present to you.

Once we present candidates to you, you begin your internal interview process.  After you’ve selected your candidate, your company follows its internal procedures regarding background checks, drug screens, reference checks, etc.  Because we are not the employer of record, our clients individually follow their internal hiring process for consistency in procedures.

We offer a five-year Client Loyalty Program (based on predetermined criteria) for our clients, essentially guaranteeing our services for the first five years of that person’s employment with you.  If they leave for any reason other than promotion, we will perform the replacement recruiting search at a reduced cost to you.

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