Having trouble finding a high quality pool of prospects to fill vacancies in your business? While headhunter may be an antiquated colloquialism, that’s exactly what we do.

With Candidate Sourcing, we deliver a highly qualified and vetted list of prospects for you to evaluate. While similar in mission to our other services, Candidate Sourcing and acting simply as a headhunter is slightly more hands off on our end.

Our Candidate Sourcing Program begins much like the Direct Hire Recruiting Program: we get to know you, your business, the details of the position and what you are ultimately looking for in a candidate.  We create a specialized Recruiting Campaign for the position to attract the right type of person for your position.  We base this on individual talents/skill set, mission, vision and future growth potential for the position.

This program includes a phone screen only and if candidates meet all the criteria we forward their resume to you. Once you have their resume, you are welcome to contact them, or not. The process from there is your own internal interview, screening and hiring process.

You can save time and money and benefit from our expertise in the screening process, while still controlling your interview process.  We have not met the candidates or conducted our internal behavioral interview with assessment, and as a result, we do not provide any sort of guarantee for our Candidate Screening Program. If you require a more hands on consultative approach beyond the headhunter duties, please look at how we can help with Second Stage Interviewing and turn-key Direct Hire Recruiting.

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