Benefits of Hiring a Recruiter

A small business owner has a lot on her plate on any given day. A key to success is delegation to the right person within the company that has the needed skill set. A lot of small business owners though, attempt to hire employees on their own without delegating this task to an experienced recruiter. Finding the right person in your company can be tough. Here are some reasons why hiring a recruiter can be beneficial for both you and your business.

Someone Dedicated to Recruiting
Business owners spin a lot of plates all day long, but if they are doing too much, one or more of those plates will inevitably be dropped. Since hiring is a process that has many steps, it can easily be pushed aside for more important daily tasks and not tended to often, so no progress is being made.
This is also true even for companies with an HR department. They are already busy with their day-to-day tasks or possibly even already hiring for multiple positions, so it makes sense to bring in someone from the outside to assist.

No One Wants to Hire Their Boss
When hiring for management positions, it can be extremely helpful to bring in someone from the outside who is neutral. If someone within the company is tasked to hire their new boss, it can become complicated because emotions and loyalties can skew the process.

Recruiting Takes Time
There are many steps involved in hiring a new employee. These include drafting a posting and placing on the right job boards, reading through resumes, setting up and conducting interviews, and creating and extending offers. Done efficiently, this process can take days to weeks, but if a business owner is handling this on top of all her other responsibilities, it can take even longer.

Recruiters do this every day. They know exactly how to write a job posting that attracts the right people and can flush out a promising candidate out of a stack of resumes within minutes. They have a finely tuned process that helps them determine which candidates are ready to be interviewed without wasting time on the ones that are not.

Fresh set of eyes
Sometimes it takes an outsider to help business owners really understand what they want or to get them to understand that what they want is not necessarily what they need. A recruiter sees things as a new employee does and picks up on company culture and how the day-to-day operations are run. This is helpful to inform the candidate, so they have a very clear picture of what the work environment is like. This in turn helps the client because there is a much better chance of this employee staying around longer when there are no surprises.

A good recruiter can save you time, money and headaches by making what could be a very stressful situation as easy as possible for you!

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