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Is Blogging the new Black?

Blogging seems to go with everything these days!  Like quilting?  Start a blog?  Love a recipe?  Blog about it?  Run the operations side of a search firm?  Blog it, baby!The problem comes in that you have to keep blogging.  Social media experts aren’t very forgiving when you don’t blog often.  Blog now and blog often.  [...]

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It Just Wasn’t a Good Fit (Follow up from yesterday’s post)

Following up on the previous blog regarding the candidate who kept saying ‘It wasn’t a good fit’:  After several attempts, days in between conversations, and my sharing with him my concern for him not being able to articulate WHY he left, he finally shared with me his story. After he was terminated (previously, he had not [...]

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Too much is really too much

A friend was recently telling me how cumbersome it was to apply to some positions on bigger companies’ online portals. There is so much information you have to enter over and over again, the same information in so many different places, etc. It is really time consuming, and that’s just for one position! If there [...]

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Slow Down, You Moved Too Fast…… The attached article will no doubt strike a chord with many. The excitement of the hiring manager’s voice when they pick up our phone call…the adrenaline when they say they got the job…and the disappointment of being told they don’t like us anymore. All these are too familiar a feeling when we are in [...]

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Down But Not Out

Reading through Yahoo news this morning, I came across an article, and subsequent link, to this: Down But Not Out: is a compilation of stories (in their own words) of those who have been unemployed for an extended period of time and what it means to them; short and long term effects.Curiosity got the [...]

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Wait, what?! Did I read that right?!

Please read this article before you read this blog post….., deep breath….First, I’d like to clarify what I just read….a CEO in New Zealand thinks that ‘menstruation makes women less productive in the workplace than men”. AND, he’s the CEO of New Zealand’s Employers and Manufacturers Association? So, let me back up for a [...]

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