Summer Slow Down

Summer is full of employee vacations, BBQs, and possibly a decrease in day-to-day urgency. How can business owners take advantage of this? Keep reading for some suggestions to stay engaged!
Make Plans, BIG Plans!
If your to do list has been checked off, go back and look at the big picture again. Set your next batch of 3, 6, and 12 month goals. Adjust your calendar for the new goals. It’s like new years’ resolutions, but in the middle of the summer!
Make Changes
While you are planning, take a step back and really look at your business. What is working? What isn’t? Examine as many aspects of your company as differently as possible and brainstorm solutions to problems. Meet with employees, send out surveys, and ask questions as a great way to get input on changes that could be made. Those on the front lines often have great ideas!
Make Friends
Networking is so important, yet so hard to do when your schedule is already packed. Reach out to potential clients, vendors, or referrals. It’s a great time to re-connect with past clients during a company lunch or golf outing.
Make New Ideas
Down time is the best time for new ideas! Invest in a course, conference, or podcasts. You know that stack of business management books sitting on your desk gathering dust? Get ‘em out. If there is time in your schedule for some learning, then maybe there is time to process what you just learned!
Make Time for Your Team
Use the summer slowdown to spend time with your team in their own environment. Roll up your sleeves in each department and be your own Undercover Boss. Reconnect with them and learn what’s really going on in your business. Break out some summer treats and let your team know you appreciate them!

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