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Summer is ending, and school will start before you know it! If you have children starting or going back to school, you know how challenging this can be! Check out some tips below to help with the transition: 

Don’t Forget to Go Shopping 

You have a giant list of school supplies but stock up on some other essentials while you are out! Grab your pain reliever, cough and cold medicine and Band-Aids now before they run out at the first sick wave that hits the kids. Also, check out the clearance clothing racks for next years’ must haves. 

Don’t Forget About Lunch 

Make and pack the night before!  I do it while watching the latest episodes of whatever show I’m watching on Netflix.  I usually start with dinner’s leftovers and add some fruit, veggies, and a few items from the pantry. Stock up on favorite granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. so there are a variety of choices! Put the lunchboxes in the fridge with their washed and filled water bottles. Grab and put right into their backpacks as you head out the door the next morning. 

Don’t Forget About Homework 

Homework load will depend on the ages of your children, so create a routine for when each child works best. Before hockey practice each day? After dinner? Before bed? Create a designated homework space and get them ready for the change in routine. Start with 10 minutes doing their favorite non-screen activity in that space.  Easy transition to doing homework when they get it!  

Don’t Forget to Check the Website 

Last-minute changes are super common right before school starts. Check your email and the school website for potential changes regarding drop-off/pick-up procedures, type of backpack allowed and preferred dress code. Double check the bus route the day before school starts!  Walk the route with your kids so they know exactly where they need to be! 

Don’t Forget to Give Yourself Extra Time 

It may take a minute for your new routine to become a habit. Pad yourself with extra time in the morning to finish things up at home and get everyone out the door.  Keep in mind too that school buses are driving (and stopping) the same time you are on the road, so give yourself some extra commute time as well.  Don’t forget to stop at the flashing reds!  

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