Shut Down and Shut In – What Are You Doing?

So now that everything is shut down and we’re all shut in, we have some time on our hands. Jason and I have been spending time watching Oliver grow and Netflix, while we wait for whatever they say is next for us. Our routines have changed but we also have more free time than we have had in a LONG time! This got me thinking, what is everyone else doing?

This ‘lockdown’ probably looks different for everyone. Since we can’t readily go out to eat, are you cooking at home more? Have you done grocery delivery? I haven’t done that yet. I may be part of the problem, but I need to pick out my own produce. Are you cleaning your house? I’m not there yet. Another week of this and I might be though!

I will say It’s a little rough being cooped up. It’s been too cold to get the family outside for long periods of time and there’s only so much room to push the stroller around in the living room. But I’m holding on to hope that things will calm down soon and we can enjoy the sunshine and get back to our regular routines.

Regardless of how you are spending your time, please know that we are all in this together. Everyone’s nerves are a little rattled and things are definitely “not normal” but we’ll get through this. Relax, recharge and reconnect as best you can.

They keep saying two more weeks of this, so enjoy that time and we’ll see you soon!

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