Bad Communication Leads to Missed Opportunities

I talked to a candidate who has been working for a company for about six months now. He received an email from ‘corporate’ that says he needs to provide his vaccination proof by 1/1/22 otherwise they will consider it voluntary quit. 

He asked me if this was legal. Aside from not answering the legality side because, as we’ve already established but for some reason continue to question, I AM NOT A LAWYER, I’ll address something else in this. 

Here’s a relatively new employee that is still learning how this company works and instead of using this as an opportunity for management to communicate, mentor, lead, whatever descriptor we want to give it, with their team, this relatively new employee gets a cold email from a corporate office he knows nothing about. About him potentially quitting. 

He’s more than likely going to quit, and it has nothing to do with being vaccinated or not. It has to do with leadership and the heart of the company. Epic fail on their side. (Anyone with a legal perspective, please feel free to chime in). 

I’ll add, not that it is relevant to the rest of the story, it’s an in-office position and he loves the people he’s working with. He’s also being paid fairly and has no issues with their benefit package or his commute. It is really coming down to how this was communicated. 

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