Jumping to Conclusions

Every new job posting brings hundreds of new resumes. Having been the one to send my resume out in to cyberspace, I know how frustrating it can be, so we set up an automated response for every submittal. While we can’t do it personally, we still wanted to let candidates know their resume was received.

More often than not, we get a ‘thank you for the thank you’ type of email from candidates. For some reason, however, some people take offense to this. Last week alone, I received three negative emails in response to this. The opinion, in short, was that getting an automated response was worse than hearing nothing, figuring, apparently, that there is no ‘personal’ attention behind us or our positions. That we are, instead, just a ‘generic’, automated company that churns out one robotic position after another. Wow, at least they got to know us; who we are and what we are all about.

Had they taken the time to investigate our company and our values, they would have seen that our ‘generic’ response is to let people know that their submittal was not in vain and that we do appreciate them. Our goal is to help as many people get back to work as possible and we are firm in our belief that, working together, we can really make a difference and put Detroit back on the map.

Had they taken the time to talk to us, they would have known that we started this business with all the passion and commitment needed to make a difference. They would have understood our matchmaking; finding that strong match between the culture of the company and the personality of the employee. We can teach computer skills but we can’t teach someone to be something they are not.

Had they taken the time to read our blog, they would have learned that we are committed to our clients, our employees and our community. We offer so much of ourselves to help things get back on track that sometimes there isn’t enough left for our families and friends. We encourage, we mentor and we give hope. We offer personal stories of how we are coping in these times, all in effort to say that ‘We get it’. We understand what things are like out there.

We also understand that in order to make things happen, sometimes we need a little extra ‘technical’ help. So, if that automated response, offends you, I am sorry. It is not intended to offend anyone. Instead, it’s an attempt to say that we feel your pain and we are glad you reached out to us. Sometimes you are right in jumping to conclusions and sometimes you aren’t. It’s a shame if you don’t get the chance to find out.

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