Facebook Faux Pas? Really?

Facebook has been a part of my vocabulary and my life for just about the past year. I’ve learned so much from it, many things I didn’t know I needed to know. I’ve learned how to ‘friend’. I’ve learned how to ‘ignore’. And I’ve learned what it feels like to be ‘unfriended’.  According to my grammar check, I’m not using those words right, but have I got news for my grammar check! Not only am I using them correctly in this blog, I’ve learned how to do them correctly on Facebook! Well, almost . . .
I first heard of Facebook when my brother sent me an email that said, “I found Shelley on Facebook, you should reconnect with her!” I didn’t know what Facebook was but, since he’s my younger brother and technically I should be smarter than him, I pretended to know what he was talking about. So I googled Facebook and checked Snopes.com for the scam-factor, then signed up for it and off I went.
I read up on what you should and should not do on Facebook, especially if you have a public profile. I found webpage after webpage on what you shouldn’t post: underage drinking, where the next party is, inappropriate pictures or anything negative about my job or the people I work with or my in-laws. What I couldn’t find, however, is how you should do things. Had I found that, I might not have made some critical Facebook errors.
One of the first connections/mistakes I made was through a WMU alumni group. I found someone I went to college with and sent him a ‘friend’ request. He accepted, made pleasantries, then weeks went by and I hadn’t heard from him or get any more updates. That is when I learned that I had been ‘unfriended’. Initially, it hurt my feelings, but seriously, we hadn’t communicated in the past 20 years and had one class together in college, so what did I expect? It’s no different than running into someone you haven’t seen awhile and saying, ‘let’s get together soon’ and then he/she doesn’t call. My semi-faux pas? ‘Friending’ someone who I could have just sent a note to. That way, if he had an interest in ‘friending’ me, he could have done so. At least he would have known I was interested, right? Do I even really care? 20 years later? Not really, but I am still talking about it, so maybe?
Another possible faux pas I made on Facebook was deleting a comment that someone had made to my ‘status update’. Well, I didn’t think it was a ‘faux pas’, but apparently I should only delete if it’s offensive or bordering on illegal? I’m not a negative person and the comment was really negative and altered the whole tone of my status update. And since it is MY update, I can make that call, right?
I haven’t figured this one out yet, but do my husband and I have to ‘friend’ all the same people? Just because he is friends with someone we both know, does that mean I have to ‘friend’ them too? If I ‘ignore’ one of his relatives ‘friend’ requests, am I committing a major faux pas? In my world . . . well, I haven’t decided yet.
I’ll just sit on this one and continue to read other blogs until I find out. 

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