Is Blogging the new Black?

Blogging seems to go with everything these days!  Like quilting?  Start a blog?  Love a recipe?  Blog about it?  Run the operations side of a search firm?  Blog it, baby!
The problem comes in that you have to keep blogging.  Social media experts aren’t very forgiving when you don’t blog often.  Blog now and blog often.  Check your spelling and grammar, too, though, those can turn people off quicker than wearing white after Thanksgiving.
Be sure to get your sayings straight, too.  Otherwise you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.  We turn to bloggers for expert info, don’t we? 
Blogging goes with everything.  Staying current with your blog makes a huge difference.  Be relevant is important, too.  Maintaining credibility with your audience is critical.  Being true to your self is imperative.

Stay golden, Pony Boy.  Remember, nobody puts Baby in the corner.  

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