Helicopter Parents Need to Fly On Outta Here!

Every once in a while I receive an email from a parent forwarding their (adult) child’s resume.  While I can appreciate your wanting to help them, it’s best to just hand over the recruiters’ contact info and have them contact the recruiter directly.  Be sure you have them mention you in their email, especially since you are the one with the relationship with the recruiter.  On second thought, if you don’t have a relationship with that recruiter, WHY are you forwarding their resume in the first place!?
I’m getting ahead of myself.  It’s nice to want to help your children, but there comes a point when they need to help themselves.  Give them the contact info and let it go.  Don’t check in with the recruiter to see if your child followed up.  And certainly don’t try to sell your child to the recruiter.  As much as you love your child, please let HIM/HER introduce themselves!

Making connections and tapping contacts are an important part of growing your business, your sphere of influence, if you will.  By all means, do it.  But don’t do it FOR someone else.  You worked hard for those connections and you learned a lot along the way.  Let your kids put forth the same efforts.  If you don’t, you’re robbing them of some very valuable life lessons.

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