When it’s OK to be stubborn . . .

I said I wasn’t going to do it, and I’m not going to do it. I’ve made a commitment to not do it and even though it’s hard not to, I’m not doing it. I am NOT doing it. I would encourage you to NOT do it either.
What am I talking about?
Buying in to all the media coverage about our economy. I’m not buying into it. Before I get a ton of emails telling me how tough things are out there I will say this: we’ve cut back our personal/professional spending too. I get that part (Seriously, I eat bologna sandwiches for lunch EVERY DAY. You can ask anyone I’ve worked with for the past year, I eat bologna sandwiches EVERY DAY.) We, at The Staffing Company, have decided to create our own economy, and we are doing just that. We are operating under the principle of “business as usual”.
And guess what? We do have clients that are hiring. In every industry, including automotive. Our clients know that to stay competitive and productive in our current situation, we need to have the best of the best on our staff. Having employees on our payroll who contribute to the bottom line, and the overall success of the comapny, is what we strive for each day.
In the past couple of weeks it seems like things have opened up a little bit. I know it will continue and pretty soon we’ll be adding more and more new positions.
I’m ready and committed. Are you?

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