Relatively Relative

Big article this morning on Yahoo about President Obama being related to Sarah Palin. Really?! Apparently so. They traced it back to a 17th century gentleman, John Smith, I believe (because there was only ONE John Smith back then).

Is this really a big deal? I am a little surprised I even took the time to read that article. I’ll never get those 30 seconds back. Why the cynicism, you ask?

Does it really matter that Obama and Palin are reported to be 10th cousins? Or that Obama is related to Brad Pitt (wait, Brad Pitt?!?)? Or that former President Bush is realted to both Obama and Palin? Oh, the horror!! In my opinion, there is nothing of value in reporting that information. There is no value in looking for that information! What will we do with it once we have it? Nothing.

Except write an article and hope it ends up in some random blog somewhere where it can live in cyberspace infamy.

Now, back to Brad Pitt’s family tree…..

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