‘If you won’t do something with your spouse/partner, they’ll find someone who will.’

Pretty simple statement, but also a very powerful one. In any relationship there has to be something, or a multiple of things that bring the two parties together. When this doesn’t happen often times one or both parties look elsewhere. Before we got to this point, however, we probably argued, yelled and screamed and went into counseling. We tried to work it out. There is a reason we came together in the first place, and if we can just remember what it was, we have a chance.

While that theory may be true in our personal lives, do we apply it our professional one? If we are not getting what we need from our current employment, do we think about why we came together in the first place or do we just assume we cannot change things and quit? What if we argued, yelled and screamed and went into counseling (metaphorically speaking)? Could we work out our differences? Have we tried?

A friend of mine, also a business owner, recently said that the key to retaining good employees is finding out if/why they are happy or unhappy and then doing something about it. Talking about wants, needs, expectations, long term goals and structuring a game plan to reach those goals is critical. It takes more than a simple conversation or an anonymous survey to get to the root of the matter. Working together to ensure the success of the organization, as well as the success of the employee is a critical piece some employers forget. ‘If you won’t do something with/for your employee, they’ll find someone who will.’

It’s been said that the ideal relationship is one where you, at your core, inspire and support each other to grow into your best possible selves. Whether personal or professional, having a partner who is supportive and encouraging of us can make all the difference in our decisions.

Take the time to talk to your employees. And listen to what they have to say. Not every relationship can be saved, but aren’t some worth a try?

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  1. This is so true. Not enough employers and employees invest in finding out what they can can do for each other to really make a difference. They give up before they even try. Great Blog!

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