Ford posts profits; Arts, Beats & Eats moves to Royal Oak and the Red Wings are again in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

So much is happening in Metro Detroit, it’s hard to keep up! 2010 has started out with a bang; I’ve barely had time to update the blog. The good news is things are happening and people are getting hired. Despite what you may hear in the news, companies are hiring. There have been days when we have not had enough hours to get everything done. There have been companies who have been stretched too far for too long and are adding to their staff. There are businesses that are opening up in our area, taking up residence in otherwise empty spaces.

In this time of ‘spring fever’, we can take advantage of the renewed energy and revamp our job search. We can update our resume; remove any ‘fluff’, correct any typos and streamline our work history. We can refresh our resume on the job boards, bringing our resumes to the top of the pile. We can remove any stale buzzwords and replace with strong action words. We can dust off our wardrobe and make sure our clothes are appropriate and fit properly.

While we’re at it, it’s a good time to take a look at your auto insurance, cable and/or internet bill, and credit card statements. Make sure you are not overpaying for anything, or find areas where you can save. Plant a garden. Grow your own vegetables and swap with your neighbors. Offer to get your neighbors’ mail on a rainy day. None of these things cost much, if anything, but they can make a difference in someone’s day.

We’ve been working on ways of doing just that. Our intent is to more directly communicate with job seekers and clients. Stay connected through the various forms of social media.

Best thing: it’s free.

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