Eating Our Way Across Detroit

Not literally, if we get enough of a response, we may be!
Earlier in the week, Judy and I knew we wanted to go out for lunch and couldn’t figure out where to go. We googled some things, tried to look up some restaurants, but nothing was hitting us. What we really wanted was someone to tell us where to go that day. Normally, we have no problem making decisions, but when it came to lunch on that day, we just couldn’t come up with anything.
So, we decided to compile a list of locally owned and operated restaurants in Metro Detroit. Why not take advantage of the great local cuisine and support our local businesses as well?
Please forward your suggestions including name, type of cuisine, general location and why it’s your favorite! Also, we want as broad a range as possible. Please forward the request to anyone who lives here now, or just happens to have a favorite restaurant here. We are looking for a wide variety of restaurants to promote. If you are the owner, or know the owner, please pass on that info as well. I would much rather spend my money locally!
We will be posting some of the info on our website and will be featuring restaurants (as we visit them) here on our blog. Great opportunity to promote your own business!
Enjoy! And if you’d like to ‘Eat your way across Detroit’, we’d love to hear your feedback too!

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